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PokeCraft is all about fun, goals, achievements and showing off those great pokemon! PokeCraft Pixelmon Server is a freebuild based pixelmon server meaning you can build anywhere and claim land. There are gyms to challenge and defeat giving you a nice goal to work towards in training/catching pokemon. 

In order to play on this server you need the pixelmon mod which can be downloaded here http://pixelmonmod.com/blog/?page_id=235

Kind Regards Matthew (LordDeathy)
PBC_MagicPygymy Kyogre is the same size of a Enormus Magikarp
Davidstitan   created a new thread Castle in the Jobs Board forum
PBC_Magici have every growth size of a Kyogre :p #Kyogre
PBC_MagicRemember to sign up to the Pokétounament for the chance to win a masterbalk
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PBC_Magic   #KyogreFTW
Ender_Gamezwow i have 6 mews #Mewarmy
PBC_Magic   i have Mew and Mewtwo and \Kyogre army
Ender_GamezI now have a lot of mews
PBC_Magic   i have alot of mew and kyogres
swagmaster2004   joined PokeCraft
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