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IP/Hostname: play.pokecraft.info

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PokeCraft is all about fun, goals, achievements and showing off those great pokemon! PokeCraft Pixelmon Server is a freebuild based pixelmon server meaning you can build anywhere and claim land. There are gyms to challenge and defeat giving you a nice goal to work towards in training/catching pokemon. 

In order to play on this server you need the pixelmon mod which can be downloaded here http://pixelmonmod.com/downloads

Kind Regards Matthew (LordDeathy)
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Austin_HealeyI've heard that people are unsure about natures and EV's so I thought I'd post a quick video that explains (sort of):

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Davidstitan   haha
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Austin_HealeyAn Urgent Message to All:

From now on, IBrightness will now be known as IPlaya due to *cough* unforseen *cough* circumstances, please do not address him as IBrightness.

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Austin_Healey   No problem XD
Austin_Healey   Also, IPlaya can also be addressed as Caterpillar Sensei if IPlaya is too long to type. :)
PBC_Magic   ok thx for the heads up
IBrightnessAre You Still Here? I Can Help You?
PBC_Magic   Im here?
BellaNever mind, i'll just go find a different website.
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LOL_MOUSE/NZxProSniper   okey dokey
BellaBTW, I'm not downloading ANYTHING on my computer. Not ANYTHING.
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